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The mix of artificial intelligence, science fiction and heavy metal !
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The adventure of Singularity has begun in September 2017, 2 friends with the common desire to realize a project

about a.i., s–f and heavy metal, a kind of “s-f metal“ !

The challenge of the project was to create music and write lyrics for a concept album. It has been a considerable amount of work achieved in 9 month with a super low cost home studio. Engineering the best sound as possible was the most difficult issue we faced!

Singularity is inspired by s-f books, s–f and horror movies, comics books and authors like Orwels, Philip K.Dick, Asimov and many others.

Singularity is composed of Promotheus (writer, backing vocals, management, ressources and web diffusion) and Nedja (bass, guitar, vocals and artificial drums, mixing and marketing)